Monday, 24 September 2018
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Mabusi’s latest writing for publication is an article in Uncut Magazine (Lovelife), February 17, 2009 titled Becoming a Survivor. The abstract of the article appears below:

Becoming a survivor

Domestic violence continues to be a big challenge in our communities: it can happen to men, women or children, but in most cases women and girls suffer the most. Few people talk about their suffering. Have we ever wondered why? They're often scared for their lives, scared of being judged or worried that by talking they will suffer more abuse.

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Beyond denial – women’s dilemmas and choices around HIV-testing, treatment and disclosure

Agenda Feminist Media Journal. The abstract of the article appears below:

The experiences of a group of women from the Lower South Coast region of KwaZulu-Natal highlight the ways in which lack of information, fear and denial, gender inequality, stigma and discrimination together maintain a deadly grip on women’s efforts to make choices about their reproductive and sexual well-being. Interviews conducted with four women, who are all living openly with HIV and are all involved in counselling or care work, reveal the blame and judgment that even relatively ‘empowered’ women face from partners, family and community members, and from predominantly female health workers.

While the women relate their personal histories and discuss the challenges they have overcome as individuals, their stories draw attention to a range of issues that affect many women’s sexual and reproductive health rights. Based on their experiences and their encounters with other women who face dilemmas about testing, disclosure and treatment, the interviewees offer insights into the changes that need to happen to secure women’s rights to control and care for their bodies.

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