Monday, 24 September 2018
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iMEDIATE develops and produces publications that can be used as effective training tools. We are able to translate complex training and empowerment processes into easy-to-use training manuals.

We have designed communications and self-expression training programmes for children and young people.

Training materials commissioned from iMEDIATE include:
  • Partners in Transformation – a Guide to Building Local Government. Democracy Development Programme (DDP). (2007)
  • Workshops on Positive Discipline and school development. Media in Education Trust (MIET). (2006, 2007)
  • A Guide to Civic Education – training manual for National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE). Malawi. (2004)
  • Choosing our Future, Leadership and Team Building - A Guide to Managing Conflict at Community Level - Training Manuals for DDP. (2003)
  • Advocacy for Participation in Governance - Training manual for the Centre for Public Participation (CPP). (2003)
  • Transforming Local Government – KwaZulu-Natal Training manual for NGO consortium. (2002)
  • Training manuals for School Management teams and educators. MIET
  • Community Based Tourism Manual
  • Guide To Local Government Elections – KwaZulu-Natal. (1996)
  • Creating Your Constitution/ Ukuphemba uMthethosisekelo Wakho. (1995)