Monday, 24 September 2018
Extended Team

iMEDIATE works with a team of skilled and experienced associates who are called upon for their expertise depending on the needs and nature of each project. We work in consortia or joint ventures where appropriate.

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Mabusi Kgwete

Career Profile

  • Experience in training, facilitation, administration, information and research, within the NGO sector since 2002.
  • Focus on child and youth development and participation.

Career History

Mabusi has been a youth and community activist since leaving school. She volunteered with community-based youth organisations and NGOs before securing her first job and continues to give her time to developmental organisations, particularly in the South Coast area of KwaZulu-Natal. For information on Mabusi’s community involvement, click here.

Mabusi facilitated the iMEDIATE Identity Project, which was piloted in Wentworth, Durban, and gave rise to the Lukka Fashion Project.

Since joining iMEDIATE, Mabusi has started to hone her writing skills, producing short stories and articles. To find out more, see the our writing section. Below is a summary of Mabusi’s career history.


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Career Profile

Mxolisi has more than 19 years experience as a training coordinator and community development facilitator. He has worked widely in the non-government and local government sectors.

Mxolisi has a long association with iMEDIATE, partnering with us on materials development and community-based research. Mxolisi, like the rest of the team, actively maintains his community involvement. His career history is summarised below.

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Career Profile

Makhosi is based in Durban, South Africa, and works as an independent consultant in the social development sector. She specializes in social facilitation and research and she works mostly with NGO’s and most of her work is based in rural areas, although she also does work in urban areas, but this is mostly training.

She has worked in the sector for over ten years, first in adult education then gender and domestic violence, HIV and AIDS and most recently in sustainable rural livelihoods and land, (with specific focus on land tenure issues in traditional rural areas in KwaZulu-Natal).

Over the past 13 years she has worked in the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern and Western Cape as well as in Gauteng and in Mpumalanga developing and facilitating social development strategies for various institutions and organizations. She has a strong background in using participatory methods.

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Career Profile

Dr Richard Steele BA, HDE (PG) Sec, M Tech (Hom) is a homeopath in private practice, and a part time lecturer in Clinical Homeopathy at the Department of Homeopathy, Durban University of Technology.

Career History

Prior to beginning the journey of studying for and qualifying as a homeopath (1993), I was a fieldworker based in Durban for the International Fellowship of Reconciliation. In that capacity I conducted many workshops and training events related to peace, justice and nonviolent direct action. I was a conscientious objector to military service (1980) and active in the End Conscription Campaign. I was detained without trial for a period in (1985), and helped train peace monitors for the election in (1994).

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iMEDIATE is an associate of McIntosh Xaba and Associates (MXA), a grouping of institutional and development research and facilitation specialists based in the Southern African region. iMEDIATE has recently worked with MXA on two projects focusing on child labour for the South African Government and the International Labour Organisation.

For more information, go to
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iMEDIATE is an associate of ON PAR Development. ON PAR is a South African consultancy based in Cape Town. Started in 2005, it has a focus on social, political and economic issues, and provides the following services: Research, Monitoring & Evaluation, Training and Materials development. ON PAR adopts a consultative, participatory and gender analytical approach to all its work. It shares iMEDIATE's passion for promoting a culture of human rights.

ON PAR is headed by Penny Parenzee. For more information, go to