Monday, 24 September 2018
International Experience
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iMEDIATE team members have experience of research, democracy education, writing and facilitation in the following countries: South Africa, Ghana, The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, India, Austria, Britain, Northern Ireland and USA.

We work in partnerships with community-organisations, NGOs, donors and government agencies, where our involvement recognises and adds value to local expertise.





Community elder Baba Ayagiba, welcoming Deborah Ewing back to the village of Sapeliga in Bawku, Upper East region of Ghana. Deborah worked with the community to profile and document a rural development programme supported by ActionAid.



This is a Gall-Peters projection of a 'Visible Earth' image collected by the Earth Observatory experiment of the US Government's NASA space agency. The Peters Projection map, introduced in 1973, was based on James Gall's projection of 1855. Peters drew attention to the ways in which other map projections distort the relative sizes of countries.

The Peters Projection World Map shows all countries in the world according to their actual size and allows for more accurate comparison between countries. Mercator and other projections distort the relative sizes of countries – making North America bigger than Africa, Europe bigger than South America, Scandinavia bigger than India and Greenland bigger than China! Peters' map, like all attempts to represent a sphere as a rectangle, also contains distortions (Greenland appears flattened, for example) but it does counter the 'cartographic imperialism' of Mercator and other projections. So, we use a Peters Projection image of Africa for the iMEDIATE logo and search for a downloadable, equal area globe.