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iMEDIATE has been associated, professionally and voluntarily, with many organisations working to strengthen democracy, encourage local economic development and promote social justice and respect for civil, political, social economic and cultural rights. The following are links to a range of organisations with whom we have worked or whose campaigns we have supported.
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1 AIDS Foundation of South Africa - AFSA
The AIDS Foundation of South Africa supports Community Based Organizations with funding, skills and organisational development, to limit the spread of HIV infection and mitigate the impact of the epidemic in the most vulnerable communities of South Africa.
2 Agenda Feminist Media
Agenda, as a feminist media organisation in Africa, is committed to giving women a forum, a voice and skills to articulate their needs and interests towards transforming unequal gender relations. We target in particular members of women's organisations, individuals and organisations interested in gender equality.
3 Alliance for Children’s Entitlement to Social Security - ACESS
The Alliance for Children's Entitlement to Social Security is made up of more than 1 400 children's sector organisations. ACESS campaigns for a comprehensive social security system, including a child support grant up to the age of 18, to ensure that all children have a standard of living adequate for their development.
4 Alliance Française
As a Non-Profit-Organisation, the Alliance Française network is autonomous with cultural institutions dedicated to the promotion of French language and culture. Established in South Africa since 1936 and supported by the ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Alliance Française network is a relay of the linguistic and cultural policy defined by France.
5 Business & Arts South Africa - BASA
BASA was founded in 1997 as a joint initiative of government and the business sector, to secure the future development of the arts industry in South Africa, through increased corporate sector involvement.
6 Centre for Civil Society UKZN
The Centre for Civil Society aims to advance
socio-economic and environmental justice by developing critical knowledge about, for and in dialogue with civil society, through teaching, research and publishing. The Centre was established at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2001.
7 Children's City 2020, Msunduzi Innovation and Development Trust - MIDI
MIDI is a joint initiative of Msunduzi Municipality, the Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business, and the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Its core business is to identify innovative, imaginative projects that address the key challenges facing the City. The Children’s City 2020 Project is MIDI’s priority venture. It exists to enable children to participate meaningfully in imagining and shaping their city.
8 Children’s Rights Centre - CRC-SA
The Children's Rights Centre provides training and resources, and engages in advocacty to realise children's rights to survival and protection, to develop to their full potential and to participate in decisions and processes that affect their lives.
9 Children, Youth, Family and Social Development - CYFSD programme, Human Sciences Research Council
Child Youth Family and Social Development (CYFSD) aims to promote human and social development through the production of high quality applied research that addresses challenges arising from social inequality, poverty, violence, HIV/AIDS and other causes of ill-health and suffering, and loss of human potential. Our studies focus on individuals, groups and institutions relating to children, youth, families and vulnerable populations, including older individuals and people with disabilities.
10 Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration - CCMA
The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) is a dispute resolution body established in terms of the Labour Relations Act. It is an independent body, does not belong to and is not controlled by any political party, trade union or business.
11 Development Initiatives (UK)
Development Initiatives is an independent organisation that provides research and consultancy services on aid, development and poverty reduction. It works with people in donor governments, development agencies, NGOs and the academic community to interpret and communicate aid and development data, policy and practice. It encourages contacts between individuals, groups and organisations that share its commitment to eradicating absolute poverty.
12 The Funding Site
The Funding Site is dedicated to serving the development sector in South Africa. This site can assist donors, NGOs, professionals with services or products to provide, and individuals who wish to make a difference.
13 Glenmore Primary School
We are committed to excellence in education and the recognition of all learners as individuals with innate potential. We strive to provide the academic environment necessary for each child to develop and grow. We remain dedicated to the ideals of respect and responsibility in all aspects of our interaction with learners and parents. We view ourselves as partners with the parents in the all important job of developing ethical, responsible and self assured young South Africans.
14 Greater Good SA
GreaterGood South Africa brings good causes and committed givers together in meaningful and innovative ways to end poverty in South Africa. It believes in results-driven giving, seeking out opportunities that will have a measurable, life-changing impact on people. It works to level the playing field by giving small, pioneering non profit organisations access to funds and capacity development.
15 Hodder Education
Hodder Education publishes books for primary, secondary and tertiary education, and self learning. The Hodder African Readers, which includes Secret Celebrity, are high-interest books designed to appeal to both boys and girls. They are specifically written for the African market and tackle key contemporary issues.
16 Imagine Durban
Imagine Durban is a project to promote integrated, long-term planning in Durban. It is led by eThekwini Municipality and is being implemented in conjunction with Sustainable Cities, a Canadian NGO, and the PLUS Network (35 cities sharing experiences in sustainability planning). Imagine Durban is a process to mobilise people in government, civil society, tertiary institutions and business to imagine their shared future. It is about realizing that the choices we make today will affect our children and grandchildren tomorrow.
17 International Budget Partnership
The International Budget Partnership was formed within the US Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, to collaborate with civil society organizations in developing countries to analyze, monitor, and influence government budget processes, institutions, and outcomes. The Partnership aims to make budget systems more responsive to the needs of people living in poverty, more transparent and accountable.
18 Institute for Democracy in South Africa - Idasa
Idasa is an independent public interest organisation committed to promoting sustainable democracy based on active citizenship, democratic institutions, and social justice.
19 KwaZulu Natal Sharks Board
KwaZulu-Natal has the only coastline in South Africa that is protected by shark safety gear. The KZN Sharks Board maintains shark safety gear at 38 localities and is the only institute of its kind in the world, offering safe bathing to tourists while also conducting research into shark life history and offering a public education programme.
20 McIntosh Xaba and Associates - MXA
McIntosh Xaba and Associates is a grouping of institutional and development research and facilitation specialists based in the Southern African region. iMEDIATE has recently worked with MXA on two projects focusing on child labour for the South African Government and the International Labour Organisation.
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